Asthma in Michigan

  • Visit the Asthma and Coronavirus page to learn about how coronavirus can affect people with asthma, and how health care providers can better care for them.

    Asthma is a serious life-long disease of the lungs that is caused by swelling (inflammation) in the airways. There is no cure for asthma, but it can be prevented and controlled with proper care. People with asthma can live normal, active lives. You can't outgrow asthma, though some people will stop having asthma symptoms as often as in the past. It may seem like they have outgrown it, but it isn't gone, it just isn't active, and could come back at any time.

    Visit the Michigan Asthma Interventions page to learn how the MDHHS Asthma Program is helping people with asthma and the health professionals who care for them.