Hepatitis B

Perinatal Hepatitis B Manuals:

  • OB/GYN
  • Pediatric Care Provider
  • Laboratory 
  • Hospital 
  • Local Health Department 
  • Family Practice Provider

For Mom: Information for Hepatitis B Positive Pregnant Women

Guidelines For Testing and Reporting Perinatal HIV/Hepatitis B and Syphilis

Perinatal Hepatitis B Case Definition

Perinatal Hepatitis B Case Report Form

Hepatitis C

Perinatal Hepatitis C Case Definition 

Perinatal Hepatitis C Case Report Form 

Perinatal Hepatitis C Toolkit

Testing Recommendations for Hepatitis C Infants and Pregnant Women

ACOG Routine Hepatitis C Virus Screening in Pregnant Individuals this practice advisory includes updated hepatitis C screening guidance to recommend screening for all pregnant individuals during each pregnancy during the first prenatal blood assessment.