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CCBHC Service Array

In accordance with PAMA, CMS requires CCBHCs, directly or through designated collaborating organizations, to provide a set of nine comprehensive services to address the complex and myriad needs of persons with mental health or SUD diagnoses services. This full array of services must be made available to all consumer and represent a service array necessary to facilitate access, stabilize crises, address complex mental illness and addiction, and emphasize physical/behavioral health integration.  These services include the following:

1.Crisis mental health services, including 24-hour mobile crisis teams, emergency crisis intervention services, and crisis stabilization.

2.Screening, assessment, and diagnosis, including risk assessment.

3.Patient-centered treatment planning or similar processes, including risk assessment and crisis planning.

4.Outpatient mental health and substance use services.

5.Outpatient clinic primary care screening and monitoring of key health indicators and health risk.

6.Targeted case management.

7.Psychiatric rehabilitation services.

8.Peer support and counselor services and family supports.

9.Intensive, community-based mental health care for members of the armed forces and veterans, particularly those members and veterans located in rural areas.