Restaurant Meal Program

  • Wrap meal imageThe Restaurant Meal Program provides certain individuals who receive food assistance program benefits (FAP) with the ability to use their Michigan Bridge card to purchase prepared food from participating restaurants. 

    This program is limited to FAP groups in which anyone in the household meets one or more of the following conditions: 

    • Individual Head of Household (on FAP case) 60 years of age and over and/or their spouse 60 years of age and over.
    • Disabled Head of Household (on FAP case) and/or their disabled spouse (as defined in the Bridges Eligibility Manual 550).
    • Homeless individuals.


    A list restaurants participating in the Restaurant Meal Program in Michigan will be coming soon.


    Are you a restaurant interested in participating with the Restaurant Meal Program?

    For more information, see the flyer about the Restaurant Meal Program.

    To begin or renew participation, download the forms below.


    Restaurant Meal Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    SNAP Application for the Meal Services

    Questions about the program should be sent to