School Year 20/21 Plans

Teacher COVID-19 Grant Program - Are directors eligible for this grant?  Yes

Are schools being recommended NOT to use their in-house water fountains for student use? Local Health Department should be contacted to determine the requirement not to use water fountains.


For schools with no school on Fridays, do meals need to be made available that day? Depends if it is a virtual/e-learning day. If so, then yes, all instructional days must have meals made available.


Can we get any CEU’s for the town hall meetings? Yes, the Town Hall meeting will count for professional standards. As usual, you will keep track of all training hours.  


Do you know when the next Direct Cert will be refreshed? CEPI is still closing out SY 19-20. Once an updated calendar is available with new Direct Cert. Refresh dates, MDE will send out a notice.


How do we indicate in CNAP offer versus serve when on site but not for remote service? Select offer vs. Serve in the CNP application. As OVS is not allowed for parent pick-up or take-home meals, we will know you only mean OVS for congregate meal service (cafeteria, classroom, grab n’ go).


Is the SMOT conference in August going to be virtual? The new Core Competencies training will replace SMOT and will be virtual. The training will include training videos as well as virtual question and answer sessions. It will also include monthly webinar discussions on relevant CNP topics.


If we are a CEP district are, we required to provide breakfast as well as lunch for any scenario the district decides?  Yes, you must still provide breakfast and lunch regardless of the in-person or virtual learning provided by the district.


Once the plan is complete, do they need to be summited for approval?  Yes. Review the executive order for instructions and dates.


If our building High school has alternate agreements with elementary schools can we have one central location for lunch pick up and or afterschool enrichment? Yes, you can have a single site for parent pick-up. You should consider families that drive and create a procedure to streamline the meal service process.


SY 19-20 was our first year for cep for one of my buildings.  The excel worksheet you talked about, is that for everyone to do? If you are not 100% free reimbursement for CEP and want to take advantage of the June 30th waiver, that is the process to determine your new CEP eligibility.


Regarding in district students attending out of district schools. Am I responsible for providing those meals?  You are required to provide meals for those students who attend your district.


So, we have a snow day, and students still doing e-learning, do we need to provide meals? It will create a huge problem with employees under Union contract? Union contracts should always be followed. Meals should be available for students, regardless of in-person or virtual learning plans. For snow days, when a Union contract says staff are not required to work, meals are not expected. We understand this will be slightly different for every district. 


Is it acceptable to tell families who are doing online learning to order and pick up meals at a school location? We could have 30-40 students doing online by choice. Yes, it is acceptable to create an ordering system and setup parent pick-up options. It is recommended to consider meal distribution at one or two sites instead of every district building to allow for easier access to meal. A pre-order and pre-pay system is also recommended to help control waste.


We are going to use wireless tablets that link into our POS system. It will track what meals were served and on what days for virtual pick up meals. This is great as long as you can keep track of daily meal counts and ensure one meal per child per meal per day is claimed.

Please clarify with breakfast and lunch in classrooms, is it still OVS? Yes, offer verse serve is still allowed. OVS is optional for breakfast for all grades K-12. OVS is always optional for grades K-8 for lunch. It is optional for grades 9-12 for lunch for this year only (Nationwide waiver).

Please clarify CEP districts can or cannot use count sheets? For on-site meal service, you can see the child taking the meal and you can use count sheets. For offsite or parent pick-up meals, you need a way to determine that all students are enrolled in the district and are only picking up one meal per child per meal per day (multiple meals are allowed up to 5 instructional days a week).  


For virtual learning students, can we provide more than one meal at a time? Yes, waivers are in place. Breakfast and lunch may be offered for up to 5 days (instructional days only). Think through what the kids can physically handle taking home. Creating a procedure for virtual students will help streamline the process.


Do nonpublic schools have to provide lunches if there is virtual learning? There is no state mandated requirement, but we strongly recommend offering meals to all students.


If a single classroom is quarantined due to exposure, are we providing access to lunch to those kids like we do while remote? Yes. Provide meals through parent pick up or some other option. Meals must be made available for all instructional days for all students. You can always set up a pre-order/pre-pay system to help control waste.


How will Head Start students enroll their child in a school's roster to be able to pick-up meals? Do we have to provide delivery for online students? You do not have to offer delivery, but meals need to be made available if the Head Start program is a district run program.


My district thinks they must buy bottle water for each student because we turned water fountains off. Is this true? Do you think the waiver will go thru and when? MDE has applied for the waiver. The USDA has 60 days to approve or deny. Bottled water is a question for your local health department. Every district will have different rules to follow based on the local health department.


If we start on a Monday with a Hybrid and some students will not come to school until later in the week, will we be able to serve those students prior to breakfast on Monday to make sure they get all their day's school meals? Yes, you can claim meals for all instructional days. This might mean you send meals home on Fridays for the following week. Each district will have a different approach.


If we have Face to face and Parent pick up, we will need rosters for verification for one meal served? Yes, you will need to verify one meal per student per meal per day. Rosters or a POS system must be used, and a procedure should be created.


If we have grab and go meals offered for students learning remotely, do we have to do straight serve or can we offer some components at pickup such as milk? You must use straight serve. Students must have a complete, reimbursable meal for remote learning.


Are we required to serve meals on Fog or Snow Days when children will be attending remotely? For any instructional days, meals must be offered. Each district will have to determine what will happen with snow days or other school closures. Factors to consider will include staff contracts and union labor laws (if staff are not required to work on snow days, meals would not have to be offered). Every district will have a different approach.


Can you clarify when the CNP is due? Megs+ says Oct 15 but I hear it is due before August 1st for districts serving in August? Federal drop date is October 15 of each year. To submit any claims for reimbursement, your MEGS+ application must be approved by MDE. We recommend submitting the MEGS+ application as soon as possible to allow our staff time to review and approve.  


In Phase 3, 2, or 1 will switch to USC and be able to provide meals to anyone under the age of 18? No, Phase 1-3 must include a way to virtually feed students under NSLP. Unanticipated School Closure (USC) SFSP will not be used during Phases 1-3.


Is OVS REQUIRED for onsite service still if you are not CEP? No, offer versus serve is not required for on-site meal service. It is always optional for breakfast and optional for lunch for students in grades K-8.  Grades 9-12 is optional for lunch for SY 20-21 only.


I saw the Core Competencies Training that is coming up, is this replacing SMOT classes? Yes, the Core Competencies Training will be replacing SMOT for this year. The OHNS team is working to provide as many training opportunities as possible.


Is universal breakfast funded by a grant that we must apply for? My district had a grant last year for this. Universal breakfast is not a grant that has to be applied for. Any NSLP sponsor may elect to run this program. Grant funds can always be used to cover costs, if available.


If virtual students are set up in a separate school and the District does not have a site number yet, how do we claim meals? Also if we have scheduled half day, can we send home lunch and claim? All sites must be set up in EEM and you must have a site number to claim meals. All virtual students will be claimed in the building they are enrolled. You can serve lunch on ½ days by either using instructional time and serve meals before the end of the school day or sending meals home with students. 


Can teachers do the count roster for breakfast in the classroom? Teachers can use a student roster or electronic POS systems for breakfast in the classroom. If you are a CEP building with no virtual learning options (all students are in-person five days a week), you could use a count sheet.


Are full pay students eligible to receive Universal Free Breakfast as well? Yes, Universal Breakfast is available for all students. Breakfasts are claimed as free, reduced-price, and paid but are free for all students. The reduced-price and paid meal costs may be paid by the Non-profit food service fund.


Plexiglass is not required for prepackaged meals in the classroom, but it is required to have plexiglass in the service area for pre-packaged meals.  What is the difference? Any questions about meal service safety and procedures should be discussed with the health department. Each local health department might have different rules for student/staff safety.


Our district is possibly offering in school learning and then giving families an option to do all virtual if they choose to.  Just to clarify, if they choose this option, we are still required to serve these students meals as well, correct?  Correct. All K-12 public schools must offer meals to all students for all instructional days, regardless of in-person or virtual learning options. Each district will have to come up with their own procedure.


If a school district plans on delivering meals via school busses, will we have to set up those bus routes as separate sites in the NSLP app similar to what we had to do for summer? No, students should be claimed under the building they are enrolled in. You will include all district buildings in the MEGS+ application and claim students in their respective building, regardless of in-person or virtual meal service.


How can we count/claim if we have school 4 days in school and 1 day remotely? Each district will have to come up with a counting and claiming procedure to ensure one meal per student per meal per day. Students should be claimed in the building the are enrolled and rosters must be used. You can claim 5 days of meals as long as you have 5 instructional days of school each week (4 in-person and 1 virtual).


Any word on serving after school snack before school is out? MDE is still waiting for the waiver to be approved. For now, snack must still be served after the school day ends and include enrichment.


When you do curbside pick-up at 1 location only with rosters, is it acceptable to have more than 1 pickup time to accommodate working parents? Yes, you could create a pick-up procedure that makes sense for your staff, households, and students. The roster will help verify that all students are enrolled in your district. Constant communication with parents/households will help streamline the pick-up process.


To clarify, if we have only 4 days on the schedule for student learning, we can only send home 4 days of meals, correct? Correct. If there are only 4 instructional days each week (in-person and/or virtual), only 4 meals per student per meal (breakfast and lunch) may be claimed.

How do we charge the meals that are picked up for multiple days when the POS only allows one meal per day? You will have to work with your POS system administration to ensure the electronic system allows for claiming one meal per student per meal per day even with multiple meal distribution.


If delivering by bus for virtual learning, do we have to list each drop site on CNAP? No, in the CNP School Nutrition Program MEGS+ 2021 application, you do not need to list bus routes. You will claim students based on which building they are enrolled which is why using a roster is so important. You must know which buildings each student is enrolled.


Would the meals that were ordered and not picked up be included on the reimbursement claim? If so, at which reimbursement rate?  No, meals that are not picked up cannot be reimbursed.

If we are doing in-person school, can we send breakfast home and count it for the next day if we keep track of who we send them to? Yes, you can. You will want a POS count by student.

Who will the envelope of P-EBT cards be addressed to so we can let them know to watch for them? To the student with the school district address.

Do we have to change our summer application if we are providing meals in September but the last day, we distribute them is August 31, which is what is on our application? Yes, you would need to amend the SFSP MEGS+ application. Sponsors need to claim the meals for the day(s) you plan the children to eat them and not just the day of distribution.

You just stated they do not have to take a complete meal. Is this true? - For parent pick-up meals, they must take a complete meal (straight serve). You can still do offer vs serve for cafeteria, classroom, grab n go and other meal options.

Where do we find the meal pattern waiver for K-8 meal pattern options and opting in for the flexibility of the 2012 meal pattern?  

With the potable water, is there a certain amount we have to offer? There is no amount of potable water you have to offer. It just must be available to all students throughout the entire meal service.

If we were already approved for K-8 meal pattern, should we complete the entire form again or just answer question #12 for sodium, milk, and whole grain waiver? Yes, just complete the new question. Your previous requests have been tracked already.

If afterschool activities are available to the entire school, are "At Risk" meals allowed for entire school? Reach out to your analyst. Maximum of 2 meals and 1 snack per child per day could be an issue so the location of the ARAS program is important. 

Do private schools have to offer pickup meals for the students who opted for virtual class? If we would end up completely virtual, do we have to offer lunches? As a non-public school, you are not required to offer meals for students learning at a distance, whether now or if we return to Phase 1-3. The State of Michigan mandate to offer lunch and breakfast is specific to public schools. MDE recommends non-public schools offer pick up meal options for distance learning to all students.

How would it be possible to use a count sheet for CEP in school and be able to assure that parent is not picking up meals for the day’s students are at school?  Rosters, right? Correct. We are requesting the use of rosters for any hybrid meal service or entirely distance learning meal service due to the possible issue you mentioned. Using an electronic POS would also help with this issue.


Can we offer meal pick up at a church instead of a school? Yes, you can offer meal service pick up at other locations. You can also use a main school building (ex. High school) instead of every school building. Consider locations that make the most sense to most of your households. Regardless of where the meals are distributed, you must claim meals based on the buildings each student is enrolled. Rosters or an electronic POS is very important to ensure students are claimed correctly.


Any update on the waiver to allow centralized distribution of meals to families of remote/virtual learners at one site? Or will we need to offer meal pick up at each school site and families will have to go to the home site for every student? See the question above. You may use one site for meal distribution, but all students must be claimed in the building they are enrolled.


Will waivers be available every year for whole grains and milk due to the lawsuit? This is a good question. MDE will determine what will be necessary each year to offer these flexibilities but we are currently only focusing on SY 20-21. More information to come regarding future years.


If we are doing Breakfast in the classroom and doing straight serve, do we still have to offer 2 choices of milk, or can we determine what milk to include in their breakfast bag? You must still offer two types of milk. If you have a pre-order system, you can offer milk choices during the ordering process, so you know what types of milk to bring to each classroom. Without pre-order, you must have two types of milk available during meal service in each classroom.


Do we have to offer two types of milk?  I would like give parents 1/2 gallon of white and 2 choc 1/2 pints. Yes, bulk milk would be fine in the appropriate servings and types (FF or 1% flavored or unflavored). You still have to offer milk type choices meaning you could have some meals with white and some with chocolate and let students choose. Students and/or parents need to have the option to select between two milk types. For example, you could offer white or chocolate milk. If you want to offer a combination of white or chocolate in addition to this, you may.