State School Aid and School Finance Forms

State Aid Taxable Valuation Information

Taxable Value System
Prior Year State Equalized Valuation Changes - Only for State Equalized Valuation (SEV) adjustments for tax years preceding 1994 (DS-4820)


Dual Enrollment Forms

2018-19 Dual Enrollment Calculation Worksheet

2018-19 Nonpublic Dual Enrollment Billing Form


State Aid Borrowing

Michigan Department of Treasury - State School Aid Borrowing Approvals


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Financial Information Database (FID)


Days and Clock Hours (D/CH)

Days and Clock Hours User's Guide


Preliminary Pupil Headcount

Preliminary Pupil Headcount Instructions

Preliminary Pupil Headcount Report (DS4898)


Waiver Information

Pupil Accounting Waivers