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  • Michigan Teacher of the Year Program (MTOY)

    Nominations for the 2022-23 Michigan Teacher of the Year program are now closed and nominees have received emails informing them of their nomination. For more information about this year's selection cycle, please refer to the tentative timeline for the 2022-23 program year, which contains important dates.

    Since 1952, one of Michigan's outstanding teachers has been named our state's Teacher of the Year (MTOY). The MTOY serves as a representative and advocate for Michigan's more than 90,000 teachers, working with 9 fellow Regional Teachers of the Year (RTOYs) as the Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council (MTLAC) to share feedback and input on educational policies and initiatives with MDE and propose ways to enhance student learning. Each RTOY brings recognition to the district he or she represents and has expanded opportunities for professional development at the state level and additional opportunities to share their experience and expertise.

    Each month, the MTOY attends State Board of Education meetings as a non-voting member of the board and presents on issues of importance to teachers across the state with one of the RTOYs. In addition to meeting with state legislative and educational leadership, the MTOY can meet national leaders and work with their fellow state teachers of the year from other U.S. states and territories through programming arranged by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the organization which coordinates the National Teacher of the Year program. Each year's MTOY is Michigan's applicant for National Teacher of the Year. To date, one MTOY has been honored as NTOY, Thomas Fleming in 1992, and several other MTOYs have been named NTOY finalists, most recently Robert Stevenson in 2010.

    As part of the CCSSO's programming for state teachers of the year, the MTOY attends four national conferences, including Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. The MTOY also has an opportunity to attend the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership program at Walden University via a scholarship extended to the MTOY.

    Thank you to the Meemic Foundation for their continued sponsorship and support of the Michigan Teacher of the Year, the Regional Teachers of the Year and the Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council (MTLAC).

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