The Michigan Career Readiness Initiative and Cross-Sector Team

  • The Michigan Career Readiness Initiative (CRI) and Cross-Sector Team supports multi- state agency collaboration and stakeholder engagement across education, career readiness and workforce development initiatives. Coordination across agencies, funding streams, and stakeholder groups help to ensure that funding is applied where it is most needed, addresses gaps and inequities, avoids duplication of effort, allows the state to focus resources on shared priorities and sustains consistent efforts on addressing these priorities across changes in state leadership. 

    The CRI Cross-Sector Team consists of leaders in K-12 education, higher education, workforce development and business and industry. The CRI Planning Team consists of state staff across state agencies responsible for education, workforce development and labor market information along with education and employer stakeholders interested in planning and implementation.

    The key objectives of the CRI and Cross-Sector Team are:  

    • Objective #1: Ensure all students, and especially underserved populations, have meaningful access to high-quality career pathways, and that a commitment to equity is embedded in all efforts to improve career preparation.

    • Objective #2: Forge well-designed linkages between secondary and postsecondary education and training for all career pathways.

    • Objective #3: Integrate all relevant funding sources, including federal, state, local and private sources, to sustain and scale up career preparation.

    View additional information regarding our key objectives and how they align to Michigan’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan here.

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