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 The OEAA Secure Site is a web based application used for managing the Michigan state assessments.Since the Secure Site contains FERPA protected student information, the site is only available to authorized ISD, district, and school staff that require it as a part of their role in state assessments. 

The primary functions of the Secure Site are:

  • Pre-identification of Students for both paper/pencil and online assessments
  • Ordering paper and pencil tests including accommodated versions
  • Entering WIDA Screener results
  • Incident Reporting
  • Review of Accountable Students and Test Verification
    • ‚ÄčAccountable Students Enrolled and Demographics
    • Answer Documents Received and Not Tested
  • Access to student data files and score reports

‚ÄčThe Secure Site Training page provides instructions for the use of the various functions of the OEAA Secure Site to provide support for users. New to the page are YouTube videos that will be added as they become available. 

The first question...... How do I get access to the OEAA Secure Site?


Support Document PDF YouTube Video and Time Description
My Profile 
My Profile Video 16:49
Through the My Profile page users can verify their Secure Site role, district and school access, remove assessment access, view who can update your security within the district, delete access when no longer needed, request access, combine profiles, and update profile name.
Request Access    If access is needed to the Secure Site, a request must be submitted through the Secure Site.This includes access to the DRC INSIGHT Portal (formerly eDIRECT) and WIDA AMSDistrict Administrator and Nonpublic School Administrator level roles must submit their request through the Secure Site using these directions AND must include the completed form. 
Review Access Request   These directions only apply to district administrator, school administrator and nonpublic school administrator level users of the Secure Site. Administrator level users are responsible for processing requests for access to the Secure Site submitted for their district, school, or nonpublic school. 
Disabling and Changing User Access   Only a district, public school or nonpublic school administrator level user of the OEAA Secure Site can disable (remove) or change a users access to the OEAA Secure Site.
Secure Site Roles and Assessment Descriptions   This document lists all roles, assessments and descriptions that are available on the OEAA Secure Site. This document is important when requesting accessing and when an administrator level user is approving, creating or changing access of a user in the OEAA Secure.
Secure Site Roles and Access Chart   This chart lists the available roles on the Secure Site and which functions they can access. This is useful when trying to determine which level of access district and school staff need to perform their jobs.

Pre-Identification of Students

Support Document PDF YouTube Video and Time Description
Barcode Labels - Printing   All paper/pencil answer documents for state assessments must contain a student barcode label. Barcode labels can be printed from the OEAA Secure for all state assessments, except for the WIDA ACCESS and WIDA Alternate ACCESS. Please see the WIDA Test Administration Manual for information.
Creating Online Sessions   Students taking the Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark (K-2), MI-Access FI and M-STEP online need to be placed into an online session on the Secure Site or in eDIRECT. This document contains instructions for placing students in an online session in the Secure Site.

Mass Update Assessments

  Changing the Mode (Online, Paper/Pencil) of Testing for Students

  Copy Students from M-STEP Assessment to MI-Access Assessments
  for Pre-Identification - Mass Update Assessments

  Copy Students from One MME Component to other MME Components 
  for Pre-Identification - Mass Update Assessments


The Mass Update Assessments screen will allow a user to update assessment information for a group of students at a time. Students can be copied to a different test cycle, reassigned an assessment, unassigned from an assessment, change content areas to be assess, change the mode of testing (online or paper/pencil), add or update reporting codes, research code 1 and research code 2.


The additional links to the left are step-by-step instructions for the most commonly used functions of the Mass Update Assessments.

MSDS Copy MSDS Copy Video  9:30 MSDS Copy is a function available on the Secure Site and there is no need for access to MSDS. A user can copy student data from MSDS into the Secure Site for pre-identification of any assessment.
One Student at a Time/Student Search   Using the Student Search function, students can be located and pre-identified to a school and a test cycle, scores can be reviewed along with other infromation related to the assessment. These instructions also include the directions for inputting WIDA Screener and W-APT scores into the OEAA Secure Site.

Pre-ID File Upload

Pre-ID File Upload Video  5:59 A .txt or .csv file can be created in our required format and loaded to the Secure Site. This can be used many students or just a few. This can also be used to add Reporting Codes and Research Codes to student records for reporting purposes. If using the template, don't forget to save it is as a .csv file prior to loading it to the Secure Site.
Pre-ID Student Report Pre-ID Student Report  9:37 You can run a report of students that are pre-identified for testing to ensure that all students have been included. You can also view the student demographics on this report, unassign a student from a test cycle and for WIDA ACCESS for ELLs you can easily locate a student's barcode number to be filled in on the students assessment.
Pre-identification for State Assessments Overview 

Pre-ID Overview 17:32

Pre-ID Overview for Spring 2022 12:42

This is an over of  pre-identification for state assessments and the methods that are available. 
Reporting Code Labels   This function allows a user to add a label to reporting codes that are created in the OEAA Secure Site. Reporting Codes can be used filter score reports, student data files and used when creating online sessions.
WIDA Screener and Kindergarten W-APT Score Entry   After students have taken the WIDA Screener or W-APT, whether online or paper/pencil, schools will need to enter the scores into the Secure Site.
Material Ordering
Support Documents PDF YouTube Video and Time Description
Additional Material Order   Additional paper/pencil materials can be ordered approximately two weeks prior to testing and through the testing period. You can find the dates that additional materials can be ordered on the Important Dates document on each of the assessment pages.
Initial Material Order Initial Material Overview 19:59 Schools need to order materials for students taking a paper/pencil test. Schools administering the online M-STEP or MI-Access FI with no students taking paper/pencil tests do not need to place an order.
WIDA Initial Material Order   This document walks a user through the initial material order process for WIDA ACCESS for ELLs
Accountable Students & Test Verification
Support Documents PDF YouTube Video and Time Description

Accountable Students Enrolled and Demographics 

Accountable Students Enrolled and Demographics 7:56  The Accountable Students Enrolled and Demographics function allows schools to verify the student enrollment and demographic information that will be used in assessment and accountability reporting. This is only open during a designated time.
Answer Documents Received and Not Tested Students, Spring 2021   

The Answer Documents Received and Not Tested Students function allows schools/districts to verify the student online and paper/pencil answer documents have been received by the scoring vendors and submit a reason a student did not test. 

Miscellaneous Secure Site Functions

Support Documents PDF YouTube Video and Time Description
Access New Student State Assessment Scores   All student state assessment scores can be accessed by their current primary educational providing entity (PEPE). This includes access to the WIDA Screener and W-APT used to identify English learners (EL). 
COVID-19 School Closure  

The COVID-19 School Closures page is new for the 2020/2021 school year and is being used to document a school that is closed for in-person instruction during the administration of a state assessment and is not able to provide the state required assessments due to COVID-19.

District and School Contacts District and School Contacts video 4:22 A list of district and school assessment coordinator contacts can be viewed on the Secure Site. Any changes to the assessment coordinator contact information must be updated in the Educational Entity Master (EEM) by the authorized district EEM user.
Dynamic Score Reports Dynamic Score Reports 3:13 Dynamic Score Reports are available for the M-STEP, MI-Access, Early Literacy and Mathematic Benchmark Assessments, and the PSAT for grade 8. Preliminary reports are also available within 2 business days after an assessment has been completed for the M-STEP, MI-Access and Early Literacy and Mathematic Benchmark Assessments.

Incident Reporting


Incidents, such as requesting a new online or paper/pencil test, reporting a student who is resuming testing for paper/pencil, reporting testing irregularities and misadministrations and more, will  be done on the Secure Site using the Incident Reporting page for M-STEP, WIDA ACCESS for ELLs, MI-Access, and Early Literacy and Mathematics (K-2).

Off-site Test Request   If it is necessary to test a student away from the school, an off-site for M-STEP, MI-Access, Early Literacy and Mathematics, WIDA ACCESS or WIDA Alternate ACCESS or ELLs an Off-site Test Request must be submitted. This can be used for a single student, a group of students or all students. 
Online Waiver Request Online Waiver Request Video 5:17 The document walks a user through the steps to request a waiver from testing students online and allowing students to test using paper/pencil. This is for WIDA, M-STEP and MI-Access Functional Independence. A request can only be submitted by a district administrator level user of the Secure Site.
Test Center Participation Test Center Participation Video  3:45 The Test Center Participation page of the OEAA Secure Site can be used to verify that a school has been confirmed by College Board and/or
ACT as participating in the current year's assessment.

WIDA Exceptions


An exception to WIDA testing can be submitted for students that are unable to take the WIDA due to a disability and students that were incorrectly identified as EL (false EL).

Miscellaneous Documents and Presentations
OEAA and MSDS Data for 2021 YouTube Video 28:36  The target audience of this video is users of the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) and gives an overivew of state assessments and how/when MSDS data is used in the OEAA Secure Site.
How the Magic Happens on the OEAA Secure Site YouTube Video 41:50  How the Magic Happens on the OEAA Secure Site. This was a presentation that was given at the February 2021 Michigan State Testing Conference. This reviews some of the functions on the Secure Site, some tips on using the Secure Site, and what data is used from the Educational Entity Master (EEM) and the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS).
Educational Entity Master (EEM) YouTube Video 4:22  How to access and verify school and assessment coordinator information on the Educational Entity Master (EEM).
Instructions for Updating your Browser Instructions for updating your browser.
MSDS/Secure Site Data Flow Flow chart of the data from MSDS used on the Secure Site.
Abbreviations The document contains a list of abbreviations and the full text used on the Secure Site



For additional questions about the Secure Site, email or call
877-560-8378 and press option 3