Enforcement Programs and Services

  • Enforcement Process

    MDCR is an administrative agency with investigative and enforcement authority. The Enforcement Process includes all of the tasks performed when a customer interacts with MDCR about a civil rights-related need or concern, including investigation and resolution of complaints of discrimination, outreach and education, and community relations.

MDCR investigates complaints to determine whether unlawful discrimination has occurred. While investigating a complaint, MDCR is impartial and does not act as an advocate or representative for either party.
MDCR provides Outreach and Education activities in collaboration with governmental units, community-based organizations, law enforcement, advocacy groups, educational institutions, and the private sector.
The Community Relations Division seeks to enhance communication around common issues, provide new options in service delivery, and facilitate access to outreach and education by developing relationships with communities, organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.
The Managing Attorney and MDCR staff attorneys serve as legal advisors to all MDCR organizational units.

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