Animal Health

  • Dairy InspectionHow Do We Protect Animal Health?

    We work with veterinarians, animal owners, and farmers to protect, regulate and promote animal health. This mission is accomplished through effective disease response, innovative partnerships, and effective animal health programs.

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    ID & Movement

    Information regarding the identification needed for various animal species as well as the requirements for their movement.

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    Veterinarian Resources

    A collection of resources for veterinary professionals.


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    Animal Diseases

    Materials concerning diseases that could impact animals in Michigan.


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    Guidelines for exhibiting animals in Michigan and related resources.

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    Licensing & Registration

    Regulations regarding the licensing and registration of animal shelters, aquaculture facilities, pet shops, and more.

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    Privately-Owned Cervids

    Information related to maintaining the health of farmed (or privately-owned) cervids.


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    Animal Feed & Antibiotics

    Resources related to Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) orders and the various groups that these orders might impact.

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    Animal Disposal

    Regulations for transporting and disposing of the bodies of dead animals.

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    Animal Control Officers

    Requirements for becoming a qualified Animal Control Officer as well as resources for current officers.