All agricultural pesticide dealers in the state of Michigan must be licensed.
Registering certified organic farm-sites in Driftwatch
Regulatory Requirements for Commercial Use of Pesticides on Golf Courses
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest management system that uses all suitable techniques in a total management system, to prevent pests from reaching unacceptable levels, or to reduce existing pest populations to acceptable levels.
Licensing information for Pesticide Application Businesses.
Certification information for pesticide applicators and technicians.
Laws and Regulations pertaining to pesticides, pesticide businesses, and the use of pesticides in the State of Michigan
The Pesticide Notification Registry allows someone with a physician diagnosed to be notified prior to a pesticide application to turf ornamental on property adjacent to the applicant.
Registering pesticides for use in the State of Michigan.
Regulatory Information Concerning the Pesticide Industry
Restricted Use Pesticides in Michigan