Information on becoming a Certified Hauler Sampler.
A Certified Fieldperson is an (industry) employee who is trained and certified to conduct official Grade A dairy farm inspections.
Information on starting a grade "A" dairy farm.
Starting a manufacturing dairy farm
Legislated milk system changes on previously established Dairy Farms
Procedures for Farm Equipment Installers in accordance with the Grade "A" Milk Law of 2001 and the Manufacturing Milk Law of 2001.
Steps to starting a Grade "A" Dairy Plant.
Licensing procedures for starting a Manufacturing Dairy Plant in accordance with the Manufacturing Milk Law of 2001
Steps to becoming a Licensed Grade "A" Milk Distributor.
A receiving station is a facility that receives milk and has storage vessels for the milk. To license a receiving station, please read the following page.
A Grade "A" transfer station is a facility that receives milk and does not have storage vessels for the milk but simply transfers from one tank truck to another. To license one, read on.
For the licensing of all facilities that manufacture single service containers such as jugs, caps, cartons, cups or bags for Grade "A" products such as fluid milk, yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream, or cans for Manufacturing Milk products such as evaporated milk.
This license is for all milk tank truck cleaning facilities that wash the interiors of Grade "A" bulk milk trucks or tankers.
Learn how to license a Milk Tank Truck, Milk Transportation Company, or Can Milk Truck in Michigan