The Strategy

  • Strategic Plan Town Hall Webinar - February 12, 2020
    The presentation can be found here.


    Building Solutions Together

    Because the problem is so devastating, so large, and so challenging, our response must be both compassionate and bold. That’s why, in 2006, Michigan announced a statewide plan to end homelessness. It began with a community plan to organize and deliver housing and services to meet the specific needs of people who are homeless as they move to stable housing and maximum self-sufficiency. This collaborative group is the Continuum of Care (CoC). In 2006, there were 476 CoC’s nationwide and 60 in Michigan. Each of the 60 CoC’s wrote plans to address the problem in each of Michigan’s 83 counties. These local groups were organized into regional councils charged with assuring that limited resources are put to the best possible use. Then, state agencies and private partner organizations created more than 40 innovative statewide programs to address specific needs and provide resources. Working together, we will put an end to homelessness in Michigan.

    Our Work Begins Here

    This Web site is a critical tool to help local and state partners share information to better work together. They can visit, report progress, access data by region, connect with resources, share information, and share successes. This place will be the meeting ground for our campaign – the campaign to end homelessness.

The Plan

  • Michigan's Action Plans- Meeting the Challenge to End Homelessness PDF icon

    We believe that housing is a basic need and the elimination of homelessness is an achievable goal. No man, woman, or child should be forced to sleep on the streets, in the woods, or on a cot in a shelter on any night, in any town or city in Michigan. Any homeless experience should be brief, rare, and non-recurring.

    Together, our vision is to end homelessness by providing the most vulnerable members of our society with access to the housing, services, and income supports they need in a timeframe they deserve. We commit to articulate, embrace, and implement state and local Plans to End Homelessness across our entire state.

    The Campaign must span all interested constituent groups: shelters, housing providers, service providers, federal, state, and local agencies, foundations, education entities, businesses, and private citizens. An enduring commitment by everyone involved is a precondition to achieving our vision. Our effort must secure and maintain necessary commitments at the local, regional, and state levels. We will use the best data, provide the best technical assistance and training, and continually search across the country for the best evidence-based practices to bring to Michigan. We will regularly measure our progress and continuously make any needed changes to improve our systems of care, which will lead to the elimination of homelessness.

    in the end, we will realize our vision of ending homelessness in Michigan because the collective capacity of our compassion is greater than the depth of this challenge.

The Data

  • Regional Data from Michigan's Campaign

    The Michigan State Homeless Management Information System (MSHMIS) is a single database platform that provides an unduplicated count of homeless persons living in each region of Michigan. The system also measures patterns of service use and the effectiveness of the services delivered, providing the ability to assess progress across programs and regions. It was developed to improve consistency of reporting among Michigan’s Continuum of Care (CoC) network and includes information from all the service organizations in each region, a total of 524 organizations statewide.