Helpful Hints & Information

Law Enforcement Officers

MCOLES licensed law enforcement officers are able to access to the MCOLES Network to view their training and employment records. For further information on this feature, go to the section of this Web site "MCOLES Network Law Enforcement Officers: Request Access" to find the required forms and instructions.

Law Enforcement Officers who have NOT received their MCOLES License Number should contact their Department's designated Point of Contact for the MCOLES Network to obtain that information.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Licensing Law Enforcement Officers

When hiring an individual that has never held a law enforcement license or a candidate that has gone through the recognition of prior training & experience program, the following five (5) documents need to be completed and emailed to MCOLES at or faxed to 517-636-7886:

  1. Standards Compliance Affidavit [generated from the Network]
  2. License Activation Report [generated from the Network]
  3. Oath of Office [prepared in-house]
  4. Waiver/Authorization for Release of Information [Appendix B from the Agency User Guide]
  5. Affidavit in Support to Enter into the Licensing Process [Appendix B from Agency User Guide]

When hiring an individual that has been a law enforcement officer in the state of Michigan and whose license status has not lapsed, the following three (3) documents need to be completed and emailed to MCOLES at or faxed to 517-636-7886:

  1. New Hire and Empowerment Report [generated from the Network]
  2. Oath of Office [prepared in-house]
  3. Waiver/Authorization for Release of Information [Appendix B from the Agency User Guide]
How to Access the User Guide

Once you are logged into MITN the Law Enforcement Agency Operator User Guide can be accessed on the navigation bar by clicking the button titled "User Guide." The User Guide contains information on how to use the system, information on what documentation needs to be sent to MCOLES, what documents need to be maintained in the officer's individual employment history file (Appendix A), and miscellaneous blank Applicant forms that need to be completed during the hiring process Appendix B). It is recommended that you review the User Guide before contacting MCOLES with any question you may have.

Updating your Agency's Entity Head

Whenever a law enforcement agency changes a department head, the Law Enforcement Agency User Agreement Addendum must be sent to MCOLES by email at or faxed to 517-636-7886.  This can not be done through the agency profile page.

MITN Access

If you are a newly designated MITN Operator for your agency and you have completed a MITN Operator Training and sent a completed MITN Operator Agreement to MCOLES but you are unable to log into MITN you should contact MCOLES by email at or by calling the Help Desk at 517-636-7867.

If your agency would like you to become a MITN operator for your agency please go to "MITN Operator Training Classes" for information on the steps you must complete to become a MITN Operator.

Maintaining Your Password

If your Network password has expired, you will be directed to the Change Password screen when you attempt to log in. You will need to change your password by entering your old password first, then create a new password following the password requirement listed below. When you click "Save", you should receive a message that the password was successfully changed. You will then be logged into the Network and can navigate through the Web by clicking on the links. Passwords can also be changed after logging into the Network by clicking on the "Profile & Access" on the navigation menu then selecting "Maintain Password" from the submenu.

Password Requirement:
  • Must contain at least 8 characters and no more than 30 characters
  • Must contain characters from at least three of the following:
    • Uppercase alphabet characters (A-Z)
    • Lowercase alphabet characters (a-z)
    • Arabic numerals (0-9)
    • Non alphanumeric characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*+=?)
  • Cannot be the same as your old password
  • Maximum lifetime of passwords is 90 days

MITN Security

REMINDER: The MCOLES Network is designed so that if there is no activity for 45 minutes, you will automatically be logged out. This is to help prevent unauthorized access to your information. If you close your Web browser without using the "Exit MITN" button, close your browser by clicking on the "X" in the upper right hand corner, use your browser's BACK Button when performing transactions on the Network or experience Network interruption, you will not be able to log back in until after a 45-minute period.  This will result in the log-in screen showing that you are already logged into the Network.

It is recommended when working on a page for an extended period of time, that entered information be periodically saved so you are not automatically logged out due to possible inactivity or Network interruption, which would then result in a loss of unsaved data. Specifically for in-service training operators, it is recommended when writing detailed blocks of information such as Goals Objectives and Course Outlines, first prepare the text in a word processing document, save it, and then cut and paste it into the Network.