Are there any rules that will affect my ability to log into the Network?

Yes, there are security rules in place that may affect your ability to log in.

  • You are allowed three (3) attempts to log in successfully. If, for some reason you are unable to log in after 3 tries, your account will be locked and you must contact the MCOLES Help Desk at 517-636-7867 to reactivate your account.
  • If you log into the Network but leave your computer inactive for 45 minutes, the system will automatically log you out. Simply log back in and you will be able to continue with your work.
  • Any ‘inappropriate' exit from the Network will cause a 45-minute delay before you can log back in again. A proper exit from the system is a two step process. First you click on the Exit MITN link, then you must close your browser to complete the process. If, for example, you accidentally close you browser first or temporarily lose your Internet connection, the database assumes that you are still logged in and will not allow another login until the 45 minute delay has passed. An error message indicating that ‘the user is already logged in' will be displayed when this situation occurs.