How do I add a new Operator or rescind the rights of a current Operator?

Adding a New MITN Operator

If your law enforcement agency identifies the need to authorize a new operator to use the MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN), your agency will need to execute a MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) Operator Agreement, complete with your agency heads signiture, and email it to or FAX it to 517-636-7886.

NOTE: Law enforcement agency operators are required to complete a MITN Operator Training class prior to being granted access to MITN. Got to MITN Operator Training Classes on our website to find a schedule of upcoming MITN Operator Training classes.

Once the completed documents are received at MCOLES and you have completed the MITN Operator Training (if required) access rights will be created for the Operator.

Recinding MITN Operator Rights

Your agency can recind MITN Operator Rights for an individual in one of two ways:

  1. The preferred method is for the Key MITN operator to remove the person’s access in MITN. After submitting the removal in MITN the Key MITN Operator should print the report, obtain the proper signatures and email the form to MCOLES at or fax it to 517-636-7886. 
  2. The alternative method is to complete the Law Enforcement Agency User Agreement Addendum, include the agency head's signature, and submit the Addendum by emailing it to or faxing it to 517-636-7886.