MCOLES Licensing Eligibility & Applicant Documentation

While determining an individual’s eligibility for licensing or employment as a law enforcement officer should be a status inquiry through MITN as the official confirmation, a candidate for law enforcement officer licensing is provided with the below documentation.  This applies to both academy graduates seeking initial license activation or licensing through completion of the Recognition of Prior Training and Experience (RPTE) program.

Student Record

Each candidate completing a basic academy or the RPTE program should receive a copy of their Student Record signed by the academy training director.  The Student Record looks slightly different depending on whether the student attended a regional training academy or a pre-service track program.  Both versions have an enrollment status designation and a session end date.  In order to be eligible for licensing, the student record must be signed, the enrollment status must be “Completed” and all selection and employment standards, including Oath of Office, must be completed within one year of the indicated session end date.  See the highlighted fields on the below samples:

Sample Regional Training Academy Student Record
Sample Pre-Service Track Program Student Record

Licensing Exam Score Report

The score report is printed by the academy graduate after taking the MCOLES licensing exam.  The report is web-generated by Performance Based Selection (PBS), which is contracted by MCOLES to administer the exam.  The score report must indicate “Pass” and also have a date within one year of the indicated session end date.  Licensing eligibility is not based on the licensing exam date.

A candidate who fails their initial attempt at the licensing exam is allowed one retest, also within one year of the session end date.  The candidate is not eligible for licensing until attaining a passing score.

Sample Passed Licensing Exam Score Report
Sample Failed Licensing Exam Score Report

Other Documentation

Pre-service academy graduates must provide MCOLES with an official transcript indicating the award of at least an associate’s degree.  Until this is received by MCOLES, the individual will not appear as eligible in MITN. 

A passing Reading & Writing exam score was a prerequisite for entry to a basic law enforcement academy.  Therefore a copy of the exam results is not required for licensing.  Candidates can still generate a score report from the PBS website if an agency screens to a minimum scoring band (out of A, B, or C).  A Reading & Writing exam is not required for those eligible for licensing based on successful completion of the RPTE program.

Current MCOLES Licensed Officers

Officers with a current MCOLES license are those whose license status is “Active,” meaning that they are working as a licensed officer for at least one agency, or “Inactive,” meaning they are not currently employed as a law enforcement officer but are within their eligibility timeframe to be hired without completing the RPTE program (at which point their license is considered lapsed).

Checking a candidate’s eligibility status in MITN

Prior to accessing a candidate’s record in MITN, the candidate should complete the Applicant Information and Release form.  This includes the four criteria necessary for a search: the candidate’s first and last name, date of birth, and either Social Security Number or, in the case of a previously licensed officer, their MCOLES license number.

Authorization for Release of Information Form

The candidate information is accessed in MITN through the Status Inquiry & Hiring button in MITN.  The first screen returned indicates their current eligibility status for licensing, or new hire for a current MCOLES licensed officer, and the expiration date of their eligibility.  The following examples are of the most frequently returned statuses.

Candidates who have completed basic training and are eligible for initial licensing:

MCOLES Candidate for Licensing Image

Candidates with a current MCOLES license (Active or Inactive within their timeframe):

Image of MCOLES MITN LEO Licensing Screen

Candidates who have completed the RPTE program (there are multiple messages depending on whether the candidate has not been previously licensed or not, or if the candidate is seeking reciprocity from another state):

Image of MCOLES MITN RPTE Program Licensing Screen

For pre-service candidates, there is also a link from the status page to view their Reading & Writing test scores.

There is also a link to the candidate’s Individual Employment History, which contains all information about their license status, basic training attended, previous law enforcement agency relationships, and in-service training received. For candidates who attended basic training in 2004 or later, their Student Record is also available from this page.

If you have any questions about determining a candidate’s eligibility for licensing, please contact our Licensing & Administrative Services Section at 517-636-7867.