Meeting Dates and Locations

Meeting locations are yet to be determined, once they are determined they will be updated below. For questions, please comtact MCOLES at 517-636-7864.

Proposed MCOLES 2022 Meeting Schedule

Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, 1976 PA 267, MCL 15.261 through 15.275, public notice is hereby given of the regular meetings of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards for calendar year 2022.

February 16, 2022 ~ 10:30 AM

April 13, 2022 ~ 10:30 AM

June 15, 2022 ~ 10:30 AM

September 14, 2022 ~ 10:30 AM

November 22, 2022  ~ 10:30 AM

Dates, times, and locations are subject to change.  Questions regarding commission meetings should be directed to 517-636-7864.

Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in Commission meetings should contact Ms. Jacquelyn Beeson at 517-636-7864 or via the Michigan Relay Center at 800-649-3777, one week in advance, to request mobility, visual, hearing, or other assistance.