Library CARES Act Grants

  • Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Grant Program

    CARES Act Grant Updates:

    The Library of Michigan has awarded the CARES Act grants to 294 Michigan public libraries. You can see an overview of the grant awards and the list of libraries awarded grants in the Library of Michigan CARES Act Grants Overview.

    CARES Act Background:

    The Institute of Museum and Library Services has awarded the Library of Michigan (LM) $902,397 from the CARES Act (Public Law 116-136). The purposes of the CARES Act are:

    • To prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, including
    • To expand digital network access, purchase internet accessible devices, and provide technical support services

    In response, IMLS has two priorities for CARES Act funding.

    1. ... address digital inclusion and related technical support, using the following types of data to inform targeted efforts:
      1. Poverty/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
      2. Unemployment
      3. Broadband availability
    2. ... address other efforts that prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19.

    To meet these requirements, LM will assist public libraries in providing improved access to the Internet for their community, while maintaining a safe environment for staff and patrons.

    Library of Michigan CARES Act Grant Program Goals:

    1. To assist public libraries in maintaining a safe environment in which to provide library services through personal protective equipment (PPE), facilities cleaning supplies and services; AND
    2. To assist public libraries in increasing digital inclusion in their communities through provision of internet accessible devices and increased or improved wi-fi access.


    Michigan public libraries that are legally established and eligible for state aid at the time of application. Tribal libraries may apply if they meet public library guidelines. More details on eligibility are in the grant application packet.


    For PPE equipment and facilities supplies and services:    
    •    $500 per main library location; $300 per branch location

    The Library will fund all eligible applications for this first goal.

    For digital inclusion supplies and services:
    •    Up to $5,000 for Class V & VI libraries
    •    Up to $3,000 for Class III & IV libraries
    •    Up to $1,000 for Class I & II libraries

    The Library will fund as many eligible applications as possible for this second goal.


    The grant period is from August 3, 2020 to September 30, 2021.


    Application Webinar -  May 21, 2020 - RECORDING

    Grant Review - July 2020

    Grant Award Letters - July/August 2020

    • Grant purchasing may not start until the grant start date - August 3, 2020.



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