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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.

Q.  How long does a person usually stay at the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Training Center?

A.  How long a person stays at the Training Center is dependent upon what the person wants to accomplish here. Some people stay for only one week, especially those who are here for an assessment. Others stay for up to nine months. Most of our students stay for periods of time that are somewhere in between.

Q.  Where is the Training Center located?

A.  The Training Center is located at 1541 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo. 

Q.  How do I get to the center?

A.   Click here for driving directions to the center. The center has a large black and white sign mounted on a brick wall in front of the building. (Please note:  On October 1, 2012, the name of the Training Center was changed from Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center to Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Training Center. This is as a result of Governor Rick Snyder's Executive Order 2012-10, which created a new bureau called the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons. The old sign will be in place for a short time until the new sign can be installed.)

Q.  How can I contact the Center?

A.  The phone number for our main line is 269-337 3848.