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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Radiation Safety Section Staff

Name Telephone E-Mail Address
Lansing Main Line 517-284-7820  
Dustin Carter, Health Physicist 517-282-4905
Cathy Clark, Health Physicist 313-300-7621
John Ferris, Region Physicist 313-300-8197
Judy Hengesbach, Dept. Technician 517-284-7822
Toby Irving, Health Physicist 517-599-5435
Talya Jacobovitz, Health Physicist 313-300-5184
Renee Kugler, Section Manager 517-284-7819
Logan Latosz, Health Physicist 517-449-2384
Kevin Monroe, District Physicist 517-331-6122
Marc North, Health Physicist 517-331-5451
Don Parry, Region Physicist 517-284-7818
Jim Rochon, Health Physicist 517-281-1798
Jeff Tavormina, Health Physicist 517-285-5665
Guyler Turner, Health Physicist 313-300-4927



Last update: 07/08/20