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Notices from the Radiation Safety Section

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Diagnostic Reference Levels to be Implemented (posted 6/6/2017)

Diagnostic Reference Levels (posted 4/18/2017)


FDA's MQSA EQUIP Initiative for Mammography Facilities (posted 11/10/2016)

New Radiation Machine Rules Now Effective (posted 5/25/2016)


Comments from the Public Hearing for Ionizing Radiation Rules Governing the Use of Radiation Machines (posted 11/18/2015)
Breast Density Patient Notification Requirement (posted 2/18/2015)
Radiation Machine Rules Draft Revisions (posted 1/6/2015)


Loss of Mammography Images (posted 4/2/2014)


New Address and Phone Number for Radiation Safety (posted 9/24/2013)
Radiation Safety Now in MIOSHA (posted 9/16/2013)
LARA-RADIATION-SAFETY Update - New Mammography Rules Now Effective (posted 4/18/2013)
LARA-RADIATION-SAFETY Update (posted 4/10/2013)
Information on Pending Mammography Rules on RSS Website (posted 4/8/2013)
Current Status of Proposed Revisions to the Mammography Rules (posted 2/28/2013)
Patient Exposure Graphs Updated with 2012 Data (posted 1/17/2013)


Comments on Proposed Revisions to Mammography Rules (posted 10/24/2012)
Public Hearing on Proposed Revisions to the Mammography Rules Scheduled (posted 7/23/2012)
Draft Revisions to Mammography Rules (posted 6/18/2012)
Radiation Therapy Medical Events Registration Conditions Issued (posted 6/1/2012)


CT Rules Now Effective (posted 6/9/2011)
Mammography Advisory Committee (posted 3/31/2011)
Movement on CT Rules (posted 3/11/2011)
New State Department for Radiation Safety; CT Rules Progress (posted 3/10/2011)


Results of the Second Public Hearing on Proposed CT Rules (posted 12/22/2010)
Second Public Hearing on Proposed CT Rules Scheduled (posted 9/24/2010)
Public Hearing on Proposed CT Rules Scheduled (posted 4/13/2010)
Therapy Accelerator Misadministrations (posted 3/18/2010)
CT Rules Begin the Promulgation Process (posted 2/24/2010)


Proposed CT Rules and Meeting (posted 10/30/2009)


New Rule for Hand-Held Portable Dental X-Ray Machines (posted 12/5/2007)


Social Security Numbers on Incident Reports (posted 10/11/2006)
Online Radiation Machine Registration Renewals and New Registrations (posted 6/8/2006)


Radiation Shielding Guidance Updated (posted 2/14/2005)