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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Gov. George Romney Lifetime Achievement Award - Lloyd Reuss

Lloyd Reuss has spent his life after 36 years with General Motors providing hope to those in need. In 1993 he joined Focus: HOPE, A nonprofit organization that’s goal is to overcome racism and poverty by providing education and training for underrepresented minorities. At Focus: HOPE, Lloyd helped establish the Center for Advanced Technologies, of which he also became executive dean. He remained with the program for more than twenty years as it blossomed, granting more than 300 associate and degrees in engineering to inner-city students.During Lloyd’s term they received recognition from both President Bill Clinton and Colin Powell.  He led capital campaigns, collecting $184 million for the cause, and founded the corporate Advisory Board. Throughout his time he has been recognized with the “Hero for Hope” award given at the Focus: HOPE’s gala fundraiser. Reuss’s story is a testament to his hard work and dedication, even in time of trial and tribulation he was able to make the most of the situation and create a better community by doing so.