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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Corporate Community Leader - Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health engages with members of the community in grassroots activities that help improve health and wellness. They partner with local organizations that help them advance their mission: to improve the health of the communities they serve. The Spectrum Health Healthier Communities has been in existence for 22 years and has provided over $6 million to improve the health of people in West Michigan, build healthier families and connect community members to resources.  To further their mission of impacting communities, in 2015 they created the Spectrum Health Veteran Explorers Program to help veterans bridge the employment gap between military services and the corporate or private sector. More than a hiring initiative, it is a demonstrable commitment to the veterans of their communities as they help to build the workforce and retain talent in West Michigan. Spectrum has also been dedicated to helping all students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. They have served as the lead partner in the Academy of Health, Sciences and Technology, to help prepare students for careers in the health care field. Spectrum Health is a leader in giving back to West Michigan.