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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Corporate Community Leader - BASF


BASF's common aim across the globe is to create chemistry for a sustainable future. They are committed to advancing science education, environment, health and safety and other initiatives that are important to quality of life. BASF knows the importance of engaging young students in science. Through inspirational programs, they provide hands-on learning that helps today’s students become the innovators and leaders of the future. Employees engage in volunteerism and charitable projects to contribute to the improvement of the environment and help students imagine the possibilities that chemistry offers for their future and for the world. They conduct interactive science experiments at events and in schools throughout Michigan. Employees volunteer their time to create positive change through initiatives such as Life Remodeled, a Detroit-based nonprofit organization focused on school and neighborhood renewal. BASF has dedicated time and resources to renovate and repurpose Detroit schools and revitalize their surrounding neighborhoods. BASF creates the kind of chemistry that brings people together to work toward a healthy and successful future.