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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Education Service Leader - Detroit PAL

 Detroit PAL, In partnership with the Detroit Police Department and community volunteers, builds character in young people through athletic, academic and leadership development programs. Detroit PAL works to achieve four important goals for all of their participants: young people with high character, who lead active and healthy lifestyles, who give back in their community, and who have positive relationships with police officers.

Detroit PAL runs one of the largest inner-city youth after school activities program in the country, with over 15,000 participants and partnerships with more than 100 schools, parks, and other organizations in metro Detroit. The organization is aided by over 2,600 volunteers each year, who are trained and certified to work with PAL participants. The training program teaches coaches to shift the focus away from winning and focus instead on building character, teaching values, and taking advantage of every "coachable" moment. Collectively they volunteer over 200,000 hours annually to our youth.

Detroit PAL also provides youth enrichment supplemental programming for youth and their families, including robotics, financial literacy, and broadcasting & journalism programs. They also run a workforce development program which gives young adults the chance to learn, hands-on, about working in the sports and entertainment industry. The Detroit Police Athletic League has positively impacted the lives of thousands of Detroit youth and prepared them to be successful in life.