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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Education Service Leader - Grand Blanc Community Schools

Grand Blanc Community Schools

Grand Blanc Community Schools are engaging students in making a difference in their community. The school chose to adopt the “Positivity Project” to help the school and its students focus on relationships and cultivating a mindset of others over self. The school district also is empowering students to think about and identify issues facing the community, then implementing creative solutions to make a positive impact. Student-led projects have included helping local women and children recover from trauma. The students have also organized A Hand Up Food Pantry. In addition, students take great pride in facilitating mentoring programs, where individuals can gain guidance from their peers. Students have served with the Humane Society, Salvation Army, assisted living center and helped raise funds for a variety of community causes. Grand Blanc Community Schools continue to lead in making a difference in the lives of their community as it strives to bring awareness of helping others through its service projects.