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Senior Volunteer of the Year - Regina Malczewski

Dr. Regina Malczewski

Regina Malczewski has been selflessly serving the Midland community – and beyond – through the American Chemical Society for many years. With a notable 2,000-plus volunteer hours a year, Regina has devoted her time to serve as a science coach, train teachers in STEM concepts and develop programs, along with obtaining grants to fund these events. Along with these day-to-day events, Regina has also spearheaded the development of a historical exhibit at the Doan History Center in celebration of the ACS Midland Section’s “A Century of Science and Service.” Through her admirable efforts, she has made a significant impact on this community, inspiring students and supporting educators in the STEM fields. She has effectively and gracefully left a permanent imprint on the science education field. In addition, she is also a Red Cross volunteer, an active member of her church community, and has donated over 1,000 pounds of produce from the ACS garden to local food pantries.