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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Senior Volunteer of the Year - Karl Knauf

Karl Knauf

Karl Knauf has been on a mission to comfort senior citizens who suffer from isolation and seclusion. At the age of 84, he is a Senior Corps volunteer and spends 20 hours a week visiting lonely seniors in nursing care facilities within the Bellaire area. Karl makes every moment with those he visits memorable. He brings various board games to play when making his visits and typically gets people involved with activities outside of the assisted living center to keep them up to date with the community. The most inspiring thing about Karl is his ability to treat others without discernment. Whether it’s someone who has a disability or battling a disease such as Alzheimer’s, he makes it a priority to connect with them. Karl is a positive person who likes to be involved and has proven to be an asset to many organizations. People in the community are very appreciative of his efforts and how he continues to give to so many people.