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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Volunteer of the Year - Richard Stringfield

Richard Stringfield

Richard Stringfield helped found a science education program, Students and Future Technology (SaFT), to bring advanced STEM training to disadvantaged students in Saginaw County. To support this effort, Richard created a science technology library center and raised more than $100,000 with grants and donations within five years. The library allows mentors to quickly access information for students based on technological knowledge and interest. As the program continues to expand, his main objective is to find the best mentors and technology resources available to enhance the training provided at the center. He recruits community members who have personal experience with project-based learning tools to teach science and engineering practices that generate real-world skills. The program also integrates many aspects of science by implementing music synthesis and math into weekly sessions. Instead of just reading about science, Richard allows students to interact with objects and understand the science behind them. Richard has revolutionized the way students learn science and technology.