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Labor and Economic Opportunity


MI Small Business

MI Small Business Summer
  • Michigan's small businesses have shown resiliency throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and are the backbone of our communities. Governor Whitmer is committed to getting small businesses the support they need as we build our economy back better.

Support for Small Business

Getting Michiganders Back to Work

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Providing Unemployment Resources

Connecting Talent

Addressing Child Care Needs

Keeping Small Businesses Safe

Economic Jumpstart Plan

  • With additional state revenues expected and billions of dollars in incoming federal funding, Michigan is in a strong position to make investments that can transform the landscape for small businesses.
    Governor Whitmer has proposed putting $300M into the Michigan Mainstreet Initiative.

Promising economic results

  • The State of Michigan is already seeing promising results from the economic policies and COVID-19 mitigation measures that have helped small businesses and working people recover from the pandemic:


    An independent analysis from the financial publication, credible, states that our economic recovery is the
    2nd strongest nationwide.

    1pt lower

    Michigan's unemployment rate
    is nearly one point lower than
    the national average as more
    Michiganders get back to work.

    $6.5B increase

    New projections show the state's revenue outlook increasing by nearly $6.5B -- from a $3B deficit to a $3.5B surplus.

    grew 7.6% 

    Michigan's economy grew 7.6%
    in the first quarter of 2021, the
    best in the Midwest, higher than the national average, and among the top 10 states nationwide.

Michigan Small Business Summit

Attend a regional Small Business summit

  • Bolstering Michigan's Startups - Ann Arbor

    Bolstering Michigan's Startups hosted by the Lt Governor: The state is looking to use some of its State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding to create new programs that provide pre-seed investments into startups around the state. We look to partner on an event that brings together entrepreneurs, business incubators, and investors to discuss the benefits of this type of program and how it could be structured. Register for the event. 

  • Tribal Small Businesses summit - Lansing

    Tribal Small Businesses hosted by the Lt Governor: The SSBCI program has a special set aside for Tribal governments and the state would like to partner with tribes in Michigan on an event to discuss how the state can help support their applications and programs. Register for the event.