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Michigan Career Pathways Alliance co-leads: Increasing funding for career-tech programs is a win for all of Michigan

State leaders commend Gov. Rick Snyder's recommendation to increase funding of up to $50 per pupil enrolled in career and technical education programs

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LANSING, Mich. – School districts could receive an incentive up to $50 per pupil for Career and Technical Education (CTE) called for in Gov. Rick Snyder’s executive budget recommendation – the first time in recent history, and potentially ever, that there has been per pupil funding aimed at CTE students,” Michigan Career Pathways Alliance leaders said.  

Roger Curtis, director of the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development, and State Superintendent Brian Whiston applaud the Governor’s proposal for districts to receive $25 per every high school student enrolled in any career-tech program, and an additional $25 for those students enrolled in a career-tech program that provides instruction in critical skills and high-demand career fields.

“We are incredibly excited that the executive budget recommendation presented today by Gov. Snyder includes an investment in expanding Career and Technical Education for students in Michigan,” Curtis said.

About 109,000 students are enrolled in career-tech classes, with about 72,000 in critical skills programs. Overall enrollment in career-tech classes has increased by about 5,000 students since 2015. 

Expanding career-tech programs and enrollment aligns with the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance recommendations announced in June by Gov. Snyder, Curtis and Whiston, as well as the Michigan Education Department’s Top 10 in 10 plan.

“This investment would greatly help schools in offering, and successfully operating, tech programs, and further demonstrates Michigan’s commitment to being the national leader in developing talent and offering multiple pathways for students to high-demand, high-wage jobs,” Whiston said.

“We know there is more work to be done in expanding career and technical education statewide for all students but this is a solid first step and a great precursor to the forthcoming Marshall Plan supporting initiatives to help Michigan students.”