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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Michigan's veterans have valuable, transferrable skills that can be tapped by state employers

TIA offers assistance in connecting veterans with assistance, potential jobs

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan’s veterans are some of the most dedicated, disciplined, and talented people in the workforce, and the Talent Investment Agency is focused on ensuring they have opportunities to use their skills for good jobs in our state.

The State of Michigan provides a variety of services to our veterans, proudly saluted on Friday for the sacrifices they made and their families made on behalf of a grateful nation.

“Veterans bring a unique commitment to excellence, and a passion and drive to succeed,” TIA Director Wanda M. Stokes said. “Their military training has provided them with valuable and transferable skills that are in-demand from employers across Michigan. Leadership, teamwork, diversity, self-direction, time management, and technological skills are just a few of qualities that set veterans apart from the rest.”

The Talent Investment Agency offers a variety of programs aimed at helping veterans use their talents.

  • The website has a dedicated section aimed at helping veterans find jobs, with links to other benefits. The page also includes links for programs aimed at employers looking to hire veterans.
  • Michigan Works! offers a variety of workshops and training programs to increase chances for finding employment.
  • The Michigan State Approving Agency is located within the Talent Investment Agency and approves education/training facilities to allow veterans and other eligible dependents to make use of their GI Bill benefits in Michigan. Michigan has more than 700 approved educational institutions, apprenticeship training and on-the-job training sites offering training to military personnel, veterans and others who are eligible.
  • Michigan Works! has more than 40 Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists dedicated to helping veterans overcome potential barriers to employment.
  • Veterans and spouses are eligible for a priority of services for a variety of Michigan Works! programs. For more information call: 1-800-285-WORKS (9675).
  • Veterans may be eligible for VA education benefits while participating in approved apprenticeship programs.