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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Gov. Rick Snyder: Rising Tide program will help communities establish strong economic vision

10 cities across the state chosen to pilot Talent and Economic Development effort

Monday, Sept. 28, 2015

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. – Ten communities across Michigan will participate in a pilot program to work with local leaders as they develop new strategies for economic prosperity, creating more and better jobs, Gov. Rick Snyder said.

“We can collaborate with communities to help develop the tools to advance a strong economic vision and create new career opportunities for residents,” Snyder said. “This program will help economically challenged communities be better positioned for redevelopment opportunities. “

The new effort, known as Rising Tide, is sponsored by the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development and will provide communities with the tools they need to design and build a solid planning, zoning and economic development foundation to attract new businesses and help existing employers to grow.

“As the saying goes, a Rising Tide lifts all boats,” said Steve Arwood, TED Director and Michigan Economic Development Corporation CEO. “Through this initiative, the TED team will work closely with local leaders as they create vibrant and thriving communities across Michigan.”

Communities were chosen based on a series of economic factors including unemployment rates, poverty levels and labor participation rates. One community in each of the state’s 10 prosperity regions was selected for the program.

The program was announced in River Rouge, the community in Region 10. The other pilot communities include:

  • Region 1 – Newberry
  • Region 2 – Central Lake
  • Region 3 – Grayling
  • Region 4 – Evart
  • Region 5 – Harrison
  • Region 6 – Sandusky
  • Region 7 – Charlotte
  • Region 8 – Paw Paw
  • Region 9 – Hillsdale

“The city of River Rouge appreciates the effort to help us build a framework for a successful economic future,” Mayor Michael Bowdler said. “We are very excited to be a part of this pilot and get to work right away.”

Teams of TED staff from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Talent Investment Agency and Michigan State Housing Development Authority will collaborate with these communities to help shape their future and maximize economic potential.