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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Adult Education Funding

Section 107, State School Aid Act

Map of Michigan Prosperity Regions

Section 107 Allowable Cost Policy
Section 107 Function Code List
Budget Development Job Aid


2020-21 Section 107 State School Aid Act 

Section 107 Regional Funding

Section 107 Special Programs Funding


2021-22 Section 107, State School Aid Act (Public Act 48 of 2021)   

Section 107 Regional Funding - Regional fiscal agents conducted their own RFPs for 2021-22 for the next three-year grant period.

Section 107 Special Programs Funding - Section 107(15-18) of the 2021-22 State School Aid Act (Public Act 48 of 2021) allocates $4 million for grants to currently funded Section 107 adult education programs or state-approved career technical center programs that connect adult education participants with employers.  A program must provide a collaboration linking adult education programs within the county, the area career technical center, and local employers.

WIOA, Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act

Program Year 2021-2022 AEFLA Grant Awards Memo
Program Year 2021-2022 Michigan Adult Education Performance Targets