Order a Certified License Verification using MiPLUS

To order a Certified License Verification online using the MiPLUS website please use the following instructions:

  • Log into your MiPLUS Account at www.michigan.gov/miplus  (Note if you don’t already have an account you will need to first Register an account)
  • Click on “New” and then “License Application” and accept the disclaimer and click “Continue Application”
  • Then choose “License Verification” from the list of license types and check the box for “License Verification”
  • Select the contact information from your MiPLUS account
  • Enter the licensee number for the license you would like verified
  • Click “Add a Row” and enter the email address and/or postal mail address you would like the certified verification sent then click “Continue Application”
  • Verify the fee is correct and click “Continue Application”
  • Enter your payment information
  • For detailed instructions on ordering a Certified License Verification with MiPLUS click HERE
  • For help registering an account with MiPLUS please review the instructions or watch the brief video below

Register Account with MiPlus

If this is your first time using MiPLUS and you do not currently have an account, we recommend watching our brief video or reviewing our help document on how to register an account.

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