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Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS)

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    Welcome to MAPS, Michigan's prescription monitoring program. MAPS is used to track controlled substances, schedules 2-5 drugs. It is a tool used by prescribers and dispensers to assess patient risk and is also used to prevent drug abuse and diversion at the prescriber, pharmacy, and patient levels.

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    MAPS users can select the appropriate icons below to learn more about submitting data, reporting requirements and integrating their current Electronic Health Records with the new system. Annual reports, media releases and resources are also available below.

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MAPS Integration

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    The State of Michigan is covering the full cost of integration of MAPS into the clinical workflow of health systems, physician groups and pharmacies until August 31, 2023. Learn how to start the integration process.

MAPS Legislation

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    If your question(s) pertain to the new opioid legislation, we encourage you to review the recently-released FAQs. Additional questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting MAPS.

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