Welcome to the Bureau of Construction Codes

  • Welcome to BCC

    The dedicated staff of the Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) work as a team to assure that the built environment and the systems within are sound, safe and sanitary; building users' health, safety and welfare are protected; and that, through a coordinated program of code compliance, investigation and training, there is consistent application of standards.  Full Description

  • Please submit any questions or requests to the Bureau of Construction Codes at: bccpermits@michigan.gov, and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you would like a return phone call, please provide the best time and number for a team member to connect with you.

    You can also contact us at 517-241-9302.

    Also we strongly encourage you conduct business with us online at: https://aca3.accela.com/LARA/Default.aspx.

    For disciplinary matters, submit documentation or make inquiries related to disciplinary actions to: LARA-BCC-Compliance@michigan.gov.




    Applicants should contact PSI to schedule their examination by going to https://candidate.psiexams.com/index.jsp or by calling 855-579-4635.