Gypsy moth - federal law

DON’T MAKE A MOVE until you check for the Gypsy Moth

Anyone moving out of state must comply with this federal quarantine regulation.

  • People who live in the gypsy moth quarantine area — which includes the state of Michigan—must use PPQ Form 377 (Gypsy moth checklist and record of self-inspection) to inspect their outdoor household goods for gypsy moth before they move to a non-infested area.
  • The Federal gypsy moth regulations (Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations 301.45-4) require this action to prevent the human-assisted movement of this damaging pest of woody plants.
  • A copy of the form must accompany the household goods during the move. This checklist may be completed by the person moving or by a qualified certified applicator.
  • Once completed and signed, the checklist is an official certificate that will satisfy federal requirements for interstate moves.