Michigan's Most Requested Tobacco Facts

 Cigarette Use in Michigan among Adults 
Current adult smoking rate
(Source: 2005 Michigan BRFSS)
In adult smoking, Michigan is ranked
* Utah is the lowest at 11.5%, Kentucky is the highest at 28.7%
(Source: 2005 National BRFSS)

34th out of 51

Total number of adult smokers in MI
(Source: 2005 Michigan BRFSS & Michigan Population Records)
 Cigarette Taxes
Current cigarette tax $2.00

In Tobacco taxes, Michigan is ranked
*New York is the highest at $4.35 per pack, Missouri is the lowest at $0.17 per pack
(Source: Tobacco Free Kids http://www.tobaccofreekids.org/research /factsheets/pdf/0176.pdf) 

11th highest out of 51 (Tied with three other states)
 Cost of Tobacco in Michigan
Smoking attributable health care costs $3.40 billion
Medicaid portion of smoking attributable health care cost $1.13 billion (33.2%)
Smoking attributable productivity losses $3.95 billion
Michigan residents' tax burden $597 per household
Michigan's smoking caused per pack cost
(Source: Tobacco Free Kids - The Toll of Tobacco in Michigan http://www.tobaccofreekids.org/reports /settlements/toll.php?StateID-MI) 
 Smoking during Pregnancy
Percent of pregnant women who smoked during pregnancy
(Source: 2005 Michigan Vital Records)
Number of births affected
(Source: 2005 Michigan Vital Records)
 Tobacco Dependence Treatment
Percent of adults who have tried to quit smoking in the past year
(Source: 2010 Michigan BRFSS)

Total number of calls to the Michigan Tobacco Quit Line
*Through September 2011
(Source: Michigan Tobacco Cessation Quit Line)

 Youth Tobacco Use
Middle school
Current smoking rate: 6.9%
Current tobacco use: 14.8%
(Source: 2009 Michigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey)
High school
Current smoking rate: 18.1%
Current tobacco use: 23.2%
(Source: 2009 Michigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey)