• Healthy Food Decisions When it comes to making healthy food choices, parents are the most important role models. An effective method for getting kids to make good food decisions is to involve children in making healthy food decisions for themselves. More ...
  • Role Models You've probably already noticed that when you do something, your kids tend to say or do the very same thing. This is sometimes frustrating or embarrassing, sure, but when it comes to teaching your kids healthy eating habits, your role modeling can be a very powerful tool.
  • Healthy Home Creating a pleasant mealtime environment is critical to getting children to eat healthful foods. Structure and routine are important to kids, so the best mealtime environment includes setting rules and having consistent meal times.
  • Breakfasts Having breakfast every morning is a healthy eating habit that kids and parents alike should share.
  • Lunches Like breakfast , lunch is an important meal for kids. They need lunch every day at school for the energy to learn and play for the rest of the day. Here are some healthy, tasty tips for helping kids eat a healthy school lunch.
  • Drinks Most people need to drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of milk and plenty of water daily. Milk is full of nutrients bodies need. Water keeps bodies working right. But where do juices and other sweet drinks fit in?
  • Snacks Growing kids sometimes need to eat more often than adults, especially when activity levels are high. Snacks are important to boost energy and prevent between-meal hunger. Healthy snacks add variety and needed nutrients to kid's diets.
  • Eating Out Families are busy these days. Many eat meals on the go and away from home. Try eating out only once or twice a week and search for healthy options. Healthy choices can be found if you know what to look for and ask for it.
  • Body Messages Your child's body knows best about eating. "Hunger messages" tell us when to eat and "full messages" tell us when to stop.