Move More

  • To receive health benefits from physical activity, adults should try to meet the minimum guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week and aim for 300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity weekly for additional health outcomes. The minutes can be broken up into 15 minute periods throughout the week or 4 days of 75 minutes. The key is the total of minutes per week with physical activity segments of 15 minutes or more. Build your physical activity into your schedule when it is most convenient for you.

    Children and adolescents need 60 minutes of moderate intensity* physical activity daily.

    Ready to move more? You can start by taking the readiness quiz. You can also track your food and activity with the set and chart personal nutritional and physical activity goals.

    We have easy, helpful ways to increase physical activity in adults, kids and teens, and people with disabilities. Take a look at some of the best physical activity sites here.

    *Moderate intensity is when you feel exertion during physical activity but you are able to carry on a conversation comfortably.

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