November 2018: Michigan Home Care Month

WHEREAS, home care services provide high quality and compassionate health care services to more than 5 million Americans annually, especially in times of community or personal health care crisis; and,

WHEREAS, 90 percent of Americans want to age in place, and home care is the preferred method of health care delivery among the disabled, elderly, and chronically ill individuals eager to live independently in their own homes as long as they possibly can;  and,

WHEREAS, home care services allow families to stay together, and provide for greater health, dignity and comfort in our communities; and,

WHEREAS, home care in the U.S. is a growing alternative to hospitalization or other institution-based forms of health care for acute and chronic illnesses, providing care to millions of Americans each year; and,

WHEREAS, two million everyday heroes – including home care nurses, therapists, and aides – traveled 7.6 billion miles in 2017 to deliver care and worked tirelessly to provide professional support to millions of Americans in need of quality health services; and,

WHEREAS, these dedicated home care professionals and volunteers form a support network that continues to play a vital role in health care delivery for our nation’s disabled, infirm, and aging population; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan HomeCare & Hospice Association, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, and thousands of home care and hospice agencies across the U.S. have declared the month of November 2018 as National Home Care Month and are calling on all Americans to observe these occasions with appropriate ceremonies and activities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim November 2018 as Michigan Home Care Month in Michigan.