• Governor Rick Snyder Biography


    Rick Snyder became Michigan's 48th governor when he was sworn into office on Jan. 1, 2011. In his inaugural address, he described his vision for reinventing Michigan by creating more and better jobs, revitalizing the educational system, and revamping government to focus on providing excellent service to its customers, the state's 10 million people.

  • Lt. Governor Brian Calley

    Lt. Governor Brian Calley is a forward-looking leader intent on building the best Michigan for everybody.

  • First Lady Sue Snyder

    Sue Snyder has long been a supporter of Michigan’s families. As first lady, she has dedicated herself to causes focused on the health, safety, and overall wellness of the state’s women, children and students.

State of the State

  • 2018 State of the State

    Michigan has improved significantly, and is trending upward or leading the country in just about every critical category that contributes to quality of life. 

    For his part, Governor Snyder promises to bring the same energy, creativity, and “Relentless Positive Action” to his eighth year as your governor that he brought to the first seven. 

    Governor Snyder asks the nearly 10 million residents of Michigan to hold us and those who succeed us fully accountable for addressing and acting on issues that help people reach their full potential throughout the state. Through collaboration and civility, there is no limit to what Michiganders can achieve.


  • 2017 State of the State

    From visiting existing employers, community colleges, family farms and new construction sites throughout the past year, to talking with residents who have returned to Michigan for new jobs, Governor Rick Snyder spoke during the 2017 State of the State address about the signs he has seen firsthand that demonstrate the state is on a solid path to continued success.

    Michigan has come back, and now we have a clear path toward our future.


  • 2016 State of the State

    On Tuesday Jan. 19, Governor Snyder delivered a very different State of the State address.

    He focused on Flint, a proud city in which residents are unable to drink the water that comes into their homes.

    He acknowledged that this is unacceptable. It’s a problem that we will fix, and fix quickly.

    He spoke directly to the people of Flint, but also to everyone in our state and people across the country.