State of Michigan Commitment to City of Flint

State of Michigan Commitment to City of Flint

  • The State of Michigan remains committed to supporting the City of Flint as it continues to recover and rebuild. The state provided more than $350 million to Flint, in addition to the $100 million from the federal government – all of which is helping with water quality improvements, pipe replacement, healthcare, food resources, educational resources, job training and creation, and more.

    Flint Water Quality Update
    For three years in a row Flint's water has been meeting federal standards. The water is now testing at 6 parts per billion (ppb) which is much lower than the federal requirement of 15 ppb. Flint's water is one of the most monitored and testing the same as similar cities across the state and country.

    News Release: Flint's water remains stable, continues to meet federal and new stricter state standards

    Lead and copper rule (lcr) 6 month monitoring results in Flint, Michigan

    Why did the PODs close?

    Flint’s water continues to test the same as or better than similar cities across the state and country. The State of Michigan could have ended bottled water in early September 2017 in accordance with the mediated Concerned Pastors for Social Action Settlement agreed to by the City of Flint, State of Michigan, Concerned Pastors for Social Action, and other stakeholder groups.

    However, the State of Michigan continued funding the water distribution locations over the past seven months and partnered with the City of Flint, local churches and other non-profit partners, the Food Bank, and the United Way to keep bottled water available until even greater amounts of water quality testing throughout the community could occur.

    Review the settlement agreement here.

    Will filters and water test kits continue to be available?
    Yes. The state will continue to provide free water filters, replacement cartridges, and water testing kits until service line replacement is completed. Filters will continue to be available for residents who feel more comfortable using a filter until their confidence in the water quality can be re-established. Filters and residential sampling kits are available at City Hall.

  • How do I know filters work?

    Water filters are effective at removing lead and other contaminants by 99.9 percent when properly installed and adequately maintained. The U.S. EPA and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) tested water filters in Flint and found that NSF-certified filters distributed by the state make water safe from lead for everyone. Samples were collected at high-risk locations at homes with full-lead service lines, galvanized plumbing and where the most vulnerable populations live, including pregnant mothers and children. For more information on the filter study, visit www.epa.gov/flint/filter-study.

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  • The State of Michigan continues to provide necessary support and resources to Flint residents recovering from the city’s water crisis.

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Water Resources

  • Critical clean water resources like bottled water, water filters, and water testing kits are available for free to Flint families.

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  • Flint residents who have returned a water testing kit to a water resource site can find their test results on this website.

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  • The latest news updates regarding the Flint water crisis are available to keep the city’s residents and the media informed.

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Helpful Resources

  • Local services, reports, and alternative language resources are available to Flint residents. If you need additional help, have questions, or require assistance,
    please call United Way 2-1-1.


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