Michigan Dam Owners Workshop (recorded 4/28/09)

On April 28, 2009 the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality presented the Michigan Dam Owners Workshop at Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan. The full-day Dam Owners Workshop is provided below in its entirety. The workshop has been broken into parts to make viewing easier. To view a part, click on the link. Reference materials that were provided at the workshop can be accessed below. If you have questions about the material presented in this workshop please contact the Dam Safety Program at 517-256-4458 or go to www.michigan.gov/damsafety.

Part 1 (view): (1 Hr 28 Min)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Dams (Workshop Session 1)
  • State Dam Safety Law (Workshop Session 2)
  • Dam Failure Modes and Case Histories (Workshop Session 3)
    Session 3 - Participant Guide 

Part 2 (view): (41 Min)

  • Dam Failure Modes and Case Histories (continued) (Workshop Session 3)

Part 3 (view): (39 Min)

  • Role of National Weather Service and National Weather Services Web Tools (Workshop Session 3a)

Part 4 (view): (18 Min)

  • Improving the Emergency Action Plan for Your Dam (Workshop Session 3b)

Part 5: (view) (1 Hr 34 Min)

  • Working with Your Emergency Management Coordinators (Workshop Session 3c)
  • Operation, Maintenance, and Safety Inspections of Dams (Workshop Session 4)
    Session 4 - Participant Guide 

Note: Sessions 3a, 3b and 3c replaced the normal session 5, Emergency Action Planning, from the standard ADSO workshop module.

Part 6  (view): (1 Hr 22 Min)  


Reference Documents

Sample Emergency Action Plan (EAP)