Certified Laboratories



Chemical (Out of State)

Radiological (except Tritium) EGLE's Drinking Water Laboratory is not certified at this time for these tests.  This link leads to a list of laboratories approved to analyze regulated radionuclide contaminants in drinking water.  Contact the laboratory directly for pricing information, shipping instructions, and holding times (maximum time allowed between collecting and analyzing the sample to ensure accuracy).  For gross alpha, radium 226 and radium 228, ask the laboratory for the container analyses for drinking water.  Samples must be collected from each entry point to the distribution system by September 30 of the year due.  It is your responsibility to make sure copies of the results are sent to the Environmental Quality Analyst at the appropriate District Office.

Radiological - Tritium Use these labs to analyze tritium samples collected to fulfill Wellhead Protection Program criteria or to waive the synthetic organic contaminants (SOC) monitoring.  These labs can detect tritium at levels as low as 1.0 tritium unit (TU), the level required to be achieved for the Wellhead Protection Program or the SOC waiver.


UCMR3  The U.S. EPA has posted a list of laboratories approved for analysis to support the monitoring requirements under the third Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR3). The listing indicates what laboratories are approved for which specific methods.  From the UCMR3 web page, click on List of Approved Laboratories.