Michigan Materials Management (M3)

  • Materials Management in Michigan

    Contact: Carlie Money | EGLE-M3@Michigan.gov | 517-897-4805

    EGLE is focused on reducing the impacts of material choices on our natural resources, the environment, and climate by establishing convenient, inclusive access to recycling, organics management, waste reduction opportunities, and adequate disposal options. EGLE is helping communities keep materials out of landfills and finding the highest and best use for them. Materials management includes managing recyclables, organics, tires, wood, concrete, and other materials traditionally considered trash and landfilled. The resources below are part of EGLE's effort to help communities, residents, businesses, and materials management professionals connect and work towards meeting our goals of increasing material management opportunities across Michigan and achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

  • Re-TRAC Authorizations Program

    Materials Management facilities regulated under statute are required to create accounts and report through our online platform, Re-TRAC. Connect.


  • Materials Management Planning

    Solid waste management plans are required for each county in Michigan. Updating these plans will help counties work collaboratively to set goals, increase recycling, composting, and other sustainable practices.


  • EGLE Mega Data Collection

    EGLE is working with Resource Recycling Systems to collect information on the status of materials management across Michigan. This will identify a baseline for current materials management practices and assist in the development of future materials management plans.

  • NextCycle

    Developing Public-Private Partnerships to grow Michigan's recycled materials markets.

  • Catalyst Communities

    This initiative provides education, training, planning and technical resources to local public officials.