Petro-Chem Processing Group of Nortru, LLC, Detroit

Contact: Dan Dailey at or 517-242-7261

Petro Chem map overview

Petro-Chem operates a hazardous waste storage and treatment facility located at 421 Lycaste Avenue, in Detroit, Michigan (Facility).  The Facility has been licensed to perform these activities since 1999.  The Facility's license was last renewed on December 18, 2012, and their next license renewal application is due June 21, 2022.

The Petro-Chem license authorizes ten container storage and commingling areas, four storage and treatment tanks, and several loading/unloading areas, and hazardous waste fuel blending.  Petro-Chem stores hazardous waste pharmaceuticals.  The Facility's pharmaceutical storage activities are not part of the hazardous waste license because they are authorized separately under the hazardous waste rules.  The Facility license requires, among other things, that Petro-Chem perform environmental monitoring to identify any releases from their operations.  When a release is detected, the license requires Petro-Chem to investigate the release and clean it up, which is formally referred to as "corrective action" under the hazardous waste regulations. 

The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, as amended, its rules, and the corresponding state hazardous waste regulations specify how the facility must operate to protect human health and the environment.  They also identify the authorities the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Materials Management Division (MMD), has in licensing and overseeing the facility's hazardous waste operations and clean-up activities. 



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